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We are a professional video production focused on advertising video shots for hotels and travel destinations. We use modern film technology and professional production teams.

Our aim is to create projects with the highest creative and qualitative value. Our solutions support business of our clients. Our work also consists of arranging famous actors and models. Created advertising videos are used by our clients in their hotel facilities and at fairs worldwide. Of course they are also used on social networks  and websites.

We work for the most popular hotel resorts in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Our clients include Spa Hotel Dvořák (Karlovy Vary), Hotel Olympic (Karlovy Vary), Léčebné lázně Jáchymov (Jáchymov), Radium Palace (Jáchymov), In Travel (Karlovy Vary), Hotel Neruda (Prague), Hotel Suite (Prague), Hotel Angelis (Prague), Terma Travel (Karlovy Vary), Hotel U Prince (Prague), Hotel Zlatý Strom (Prague), TULIA (Zanzibar, Tanzania) and more.

Why us?

  • Creative presentation
  • Present your resort in a modern way
  • We use the best camera technology
  • We have the best creative team

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Nitranská 19
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

Ondřej Urbanec

Founder, Producer & Creative Director

+420 776 666 194

Karel Vaněk

Founder & Production Designer

+420 608 708 484

Jonny Anděl

Executive Producer

+420 777 113 670